Anvil Mobile, founded in 2009 as a Business to Business communications provider specialising in Mobile data networks and services for businesses and the public sector. Such services include Fixed IP (Static IP) data SIMs, Dynamic IP SIMs, Backup solutions for Broadband and Bonded SIM Solutions for both large scale and bespoke projects.

Ian Philip

Managing Director

Ian has over 30 years of experience, including senior roles at Nokia & Samsung.

Ian Philip Managing Director of Anvil

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What makes Anvil different from the rest?

Mobile Data services for businesses and the public sector include:

Fixed/Static IP data SIMs are not currently offered by the major mobile operators, however, there are many applications where they are essential. A Fixed IP address allows for in-bound internet traffic to be routed to any connected device or system for remote management and monitoring. These SIMs also form the backbone of Machine to Machine (M2M) applications sometimes also referred to as The Internet of Things (IoT). There is also an important role for Fixed IP SIMs in out-bound communications as a way to access applications and resources protected by a corporate firewall. Some customers use these SIMs as their primary internet connection for temporary offices or where a fixed line is unavailable or prohibitively expensive, while others use the SIM as a back-up in case the fixed line connection fails.

Dynamic Data SIMs – From 256 kilobytes a month to 128 gigabytes a month, Anvil has a truly comprehensive range of business friendly tariffs. Anvil can offer very low monthly data tariffs on standard, non-Fixed IP data SIMs for applications such as telemetry and smart meters. At the other end of the scale, Anvil can provide much higher data allowances than you will find on the High Street for data intensive applications, such as CCTV.

UK, EU and international Roaming SIMs – get connected and stay connected with Anvil’s multi-network roaming SIMs; with or without a fixed IP address.

Bonded 3G/4G/DSL – combining the bandwidth of multiple 3G/4G SIMs and fixed line internet, a bonded unit can deliver speeds that support the most demanding applications. Anvil’s customers include construction and engineering businesses that need rapid deployment, high bandwidth solutions for site offices using the mobile networks and others who have offices where the fixed line broadband is simply too slow and multiple combined lines are the only answer. Crucially, Anvil’s Synergy bonding managed service has Quality of Service (QoS) control which allows the prioritisation of interactive or mission critical applications, such as VoIP voice calls, video conferencing, remote desktop or any time sensitive applications.

Integration Services – with a range of 3G and 4G routers to suit almost every application environment, Anvil can deliver the SIM and router ready to work straight out of the box. By installing the SIM and configuring the router, the customer is spared the time and effort of getting up and running. For large scale deployments by non-technical staff, this service minimises the installation time and avoids any support issues caused by mis-configuration. Or perhaps you want just one router and would prefer for someone experienced to take care of the set-up.

Anvil’s portfolio also includes traditional fixed line internet connectivity from standard DSL broadband to Ethernet and FTTC services for a reliable service with great prices. For Business Voice services, please visit our sister company at