Anvil Mobile, founded in 2009 as a Business to Business communications provider specialising in Mobile data networks and services for businesses and the public sector. Such services include Fixed IP (Static IP) data SIMs, Dynamic IP SIMs, Backup solutions for Broadband and Bonded SIM Solutions for both large scale and bespoke projects.

Ian Philip

Managing Director

Ian has over 30 years of experience, including senior roles at Nokia & Samsung.

Ian Philip Managing Director of Anvil

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What makes Anvil Mobile different from the rest?

  • Fixed (Static) IP-addressed SIMs support in-bound internet connections for the remote management and monitoring of any connected device. The Fixed IP also allows for out-bound internet connection to services and resources protected behind a corporate firewall, either as the primary connectivity for temporary offices or as a back-up to fixed line internet.
  • UK and European roaming SIMs with and without a fixed IP address.
  • Dynamic IP data SIMs with monthly data allowances from as low as 256 kilobytes up to 650 gigabytes on business-friendly tariffs.
  • Anvil Synergy bonding 4G SIMs for the rapid deployment of very high bandwidth solutions. Synergy also bonds fixed line DSL broadband for customers at locations with very slow connections and fixed line and 4G can be bonded as a hybrid fixed and mobile solution.
  • Back-up data SIMs with and without a fixed IP address for when broadband fails.
  • A range of 4G routers to suit almost every application.
  • Integrated Services for customers who would like Anvil to supply both the router and the SIM with the SIM installed and tested and ready to work out of the box. This service is used where there are large scale deployments using staff who may not be network engineers as it simplifies and speeds up the installation on site, while avoiding any miss-configuration issues. Or a customer may only want one router but would prefer to have it configured by experienced staff.