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Anvil Mobile goes to Renewable UK 2013

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Anvil’s Fixed IP data SIMs are used throughout the power generation industry. Both conventional and renewable energy installations make use of the technology albeit in different ways. The typically rural locations used for renewable energy rarely will have a handy BT line to use for a fixed line broadband service. When you bear in mind that almost all of the renewable technologies require monitoring and remote management for operational, safety or efficiency reasons, using the 3G and 4G mobile networks is a pragmatic, and economic way forward. Please see below for some use cases featuring the different types of power generation where Anvil’s Fixed or Static IP data SIM have been successfully deployed.

Renewable and Green energy examples

Wind Turbines

wind turbine data sim cardsWhile some very small scale wind turbines do not require constant on-line monitoring, the medium and larger scale turbines need a reliable and economically viable internet connection for a variety of purposes. The first reason for constant monitoring is safety. While there are built in safeguards that should prevent a turbine from being driven by high winds at unsafe speeds, they can and do occasionally fail with disastrous results. Monitoring software will recognise this situation and intervene automatically to close down the turbine until conditions improve. Software, usually at the turbine manufacturer’s site, also is constantly monitoring and adjusting the gearing of the turbine in order to maximise the power generation and the consequent revenue that it will yield for the site owner. Through the Fixed IP address on the data SIM in a 3G or 4G router it, becomes simple for a human being to manually connect to the turbines control system as though they were on site with a lap top physically connected to the control panel. Adjustments, upgrades, diagnostics and activity logs are therefore accessible to the user from any internet connected computer, anywhere in the world. The steel construction of a wind turbine’s mast requires an external antenna mounted on the side of the mast in order to achieve a good strong 3G or 4G signal.

Solar farms

solar farm data simsWhile any data SIM can send out an alert over the internet when something goes wrong, an Anvil Fixed IP data SIM in a 3G or 4G router enables a remote user to connect to the local control system in order to take remedial action. Keeping everything working at optimum efficiency becomes straightforward. An authorised user can also take solar panels or groups of panels off line when a fault occurs and then bring it back on line when the issue is rectified, all from remote control centre or any internet connected PC. One other issue that solar farm operators have to contend with is that having solar panels stolen is a growing problem. Fortunately, the 3G and 4G networks deliver sufficient bandwidth for CCTV cameras to be deployed to monitor and secure the site.

Biomass generators

sims-for-biomass-generatorsRemote monitoring management and control are equally important for operators of biomass generators. In addition to access to all of the local control systems, operators can use the Fixed IP data SIM in a 3G or 4G router to monitor fuel levels, temperature and emissions. Alerts are generated by the local systems when things go wrong and can be addressed and resolved remotely without the need to send a man in a van to site with all of the consequent delay and expense that would result. Anvil SIMs are used in a variety of different types of biomass generators, some using wood pellets as fuel and others using waste material from a variety of sources.

Hydro-Electric power stations

sims for hydro industryFor small and medium scale Hydro-Electric installation, an Anvil Fixed IP data SIM in a 3G or 4G router provides the ideal solution for remote management. In addition to having the same issues as the other renewable energy technologies shown above, the addition of CCTV support over the internet is a great advantage. Unlike solar farms where the main reason for CCTV is security, a hydro-electric operator tends to use the CCTV to monitor the water conditions for hazards such as fallen trees, branches and other debris that would affect the safe operation of the installation. These smaller scale hydro-electric generators can be of the conventional design or as shown here use the Archimedes screw design which is much more environmentally benign as far a fish stocks and other wild life in our rivers.

Conventional Power generation examples

Power station commissioning, maintenance and safety inspections

data sims for power stationsPower station operators cannot start to generate energy until they have been given an independent inspection. Also, at regular intervals they need to be closed down for a period for what is, in essence, a large scale and very thorough MOT. Typically, the engineering companies that carry out the inspections need an independent high bandwidth, high capacity internet connection to support the number of users and the heavyweight engineering applications required for the job. Anvil’s Synergy bonding service using multiple 3G or 4G connections bonded into a single high speed channel is a rapid deployment solution ideal for this kind of application. The inspection and commissioning team will normally be on site for a few months each time and when they are finished the Synergy server and attached 3G or 3G routers are simply moved to the next site ready for the next inspection team.

Diesel Generators

Remote data access for diesel generators Here is a good example of how an Anvil Fixed IP data SIM has saved money, improved service response and eliminated many unnecessary journeys with all of the subsequent cost and environmental damage caused. Our customer supplied and maintained a diesel electric generator at an industrial client’s operation. The generator was required for 7-10 days each month to boost the power capacity during a specific part of the manufacturing process. Before the installation of a 3G router with a Fixed IP SIM, the customer drove 60 miles there and 60 miles back for each of the 7-10 days when the generator was needed to be on line. Now, he works from his home office and can monitor fuel levels, initiate the generation process, keep an eye on temperatures and other vital signs and even change the phasing of the power output to suit the different manufacturing processes as and when required.