Anvil Synergy delivers a single, high speed, high capacity, and stable internet connection by combining the throughput of multiple 3G/4G or fixed line connections.

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What is Anvil Synergy?

Anvil Synergy is a bonded internet solution which allows you to simultaneously bond multiple internet connections for higher throughput. Synergy introduces data compression, enabling a throughput greater than the sum of the parts. File transfer data is particularly suitable for compression and throughput for this type of traffic can be up to 5 times faster than normal.


What are the features of Anvil Synergy?

Intelligent bonding includes the ability to add features such as Quality of Service (QoS) features normally only available on expensive leased lines and Ethernet connections. Standard broadband and mobile broadband services can now be managed using QoS to give priority to interactive applications that affect the productivity of your staff as well as ensuring customers receive prompt and efficient service.

Synergy is delivered using a small appliance installed at the customer site linked to management servers in the core network to create the bonded high speed line. Each standard Synergy server can support a maximum of 150 mbps download speed with up to 5 bonded connections. A larger version of the appliance will support up to 500 mbps download speed.

For rapid deployment Synergy can be delivered in the optional transport case which contains all of the elements needed to create a working high speed internet connection anywhere. The concept is that a rapid deployment unit can be shipped anywhere  and be up and running straight away without any specialist technical knowledge. Typically the rapid deployment unit is used with 3G & 4G where available. Customers can use SIMs from any network operator and for maximum performance and  resilience, the more diverse the networks, the better.

Whether your business needs faster internet due to your location and restricted services from your local exchange OR if you need instant high quality, high speed internet at temporary locations such as site offices, Synergy delivers the connectivity your business needs to thrive.

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