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Applications of Fixed IP SIMs

Posted on 10-08-2022 , by: Anvil Mobile , in , 0 Comments

At Anvil we specialise in the applications of Fixed IP SIMs. Over the years we’ve seen some really interesting use cases of the SIMs and their application in industry. Below we’ve outlined the most popular applications.

1. Green and Renewable Energy

At Anvil, we’ve been providing 3G, 4G and 5G internet connectivity across various different renewable energy installations. This have been typically been used to enable remote management. Due to the remote locations of things such as solar farms, wind turbines, biomass generators and such, there is very often limited or no broadband internet connection or fixed phone line. A simple and cost effective router with a Fixed IP SIM is helping to remotely manage, monitor and diagnose any issues in the machinery without needing to be on-site.

Some customers use the remote management system to manage building management systems, commercial refrigeration units, remote servers, basically anything with an IP address that you want to connect to without going on site.

2. Payments and connectivity resilience

The reliance of businesses and their operations on internet connectivity should never be underestimated, If the broadband or fixed line internet fails, the resulting implications can be catastrophic for a business. This is particularly true with taking payments and in payment terminals. We have a wide range of retail clients who require ‘never fail’ connectivity across their stores and outlets to ensure that they are always able to take payments. With a fixed line connection and a supporting fixed IP failover cellular connection, supported through a 4G router, the system can automatically switching between the two should an issue be detected providing seamless connectivity for payments.

 3. CCTV & Security with a Static IP address

Perhaps the most common application of a Fixed IP SIM is seen in the security industry. With a 3G or 4G Fixed IP SIM, the cellular connectivity can be easily moved or redeployed without the need to run new cables or require expensive engineering work. The beauty of a fixed or static IP address, is that it lets you view the imagery from a camera from anywhere over the internet. These innovative SIMs are ideal for people and businesses who need to to protect assets, especially assets that may bein remote locations or move from location to location regularly.

3. EV Charging and Connected things

We’ve seen a marked rise in the deployment of this new technology with electric vehicle charging units popping up all over the place. What you may not know is that these chargers are all connected to the internet, and with a Fixed IP Sim, can be remotely monitored and managed from anywhere across the internet. A Fixed IP SIM allows the owners of these companies to monitor usage, deploy engineers if required or simply keep track of the health of each device through a simple and easy to use monitoring system.

5. Bonding multiple legs of internet with a Fixed IP

Bonding multiple data SIMs has been possible for a while through dedicated routers that allow you to ‘bond’ multiple internet connections. There are multiple benefits to this, top of which is increased internet speeds and increased internet resilience. We have seen a marked rise of this technology across media and broadcasting as they need a reliable internet access to send large data files and stream live video from across the globe.

6. Construction sites

Bonding systems or SD-WAN can be installed easily to temporary sites such as those in construction. Typically new areas of development don’t have any fixed line broadband or internet when setting up a new build as the infrastructure is not in place. Simple to install and quick to set up, these are ideal for those who need to be up and running with internet quickly.

The bonding solution can add 3G, 4G or 5G SIMs and become a stable and fast internet solution with large amounts of coverage when coupled with an antennae.

7. Food trucks, kiosk and events

Covid-19 is (mostly) over and with that has seen the rise of the nation opening back up and going back to attending street events, festivals, music venues, temporary sites and the growing food and pop-up shop industry is back in full swing to meet that demand.
With a Fixed IP SIM and router these kiosks and food trucks can operate as if they were in any static location or retail shop. A power supply for the router is all that’s required, with a simple and easy installation you can ensure that your business is always connected and more importantly there is always connectivity for your payment terminals and any digital signage.

We’re proud of how our connectivity solutions are helping businesses thrive in the modern day across multiple and various applications. If you think we could help you and your business, simply fill out one of our forms or start a chat with a member of our team today.