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Bonded 3G – High Capacity Mobile Broadband

Posted on 16-10-2012 , by: Anvil Mobile , in , 0 Comments

People want to be able to use technology to share, gather and publish information. They also want to distribute this information as quickly as possible. This is one of the reasons that Mobile connectivity has been so popular as it gives you the ability to share information as quickly as possible. However what happens when you are using an application that requires a high bandwidth or to support multiple users?  Is there a portable solution that can give you the connectivity you want while being able to supply sufficient bandwidth?

Anvil Mobile believes in providing connectivity solutions that really work for you, are easy to manage, easy to maintain and most importantly will supply the connectivity you need. That’s why we offer a bonded solution.

Of all the bonded options, 3G is probably the most groundbreaking. Up until now, companies requiring remote internet access, or even temporary access, have had to rely on satellite communications to be able to achieve anything like a workable solution. Satellite communication has improved over the years, but is still expensive and crucially still has the latency (delay) that causes so many applications to struggle.

By taking a number (up to 6) of Anvil SIM cards, users are able to utilise the bandwidth from each as a single connection, thus multiplying the available bandwidth by the number of SIMs in use. Typically we use SIMs from 3 separate operators in order to maximise the performance and reliability. All operators have occasional downtime and can suffer from bottlenecks when parts of the network are congested, however, using 3 separate networks mitigates the risk and provides the most robust service.

Anvil has a bonded solution provided as a managed service. This means customers don’t need to have two bonding devices e.g. one remote and one at head office. Aggregation servers within the network remove the need for two devices and just the remote device is all that is required. This saves on the cost of the equipment and maintenance and provides a connection that is constantly monitored and managed to provide a more reliable service.

3 Channel Solution – Portability – small form factor – Hot swappable modules – Rapid deployment

6 Channel Solution –Industrial unit – Up to 6 hot swappable modules – Ideal for broadcast video – Rapid deployment

Bonded Internet with Anvil Synergy