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Broadband down again? Business grade 4G mobile broadband will keep your business working

Posted on 22-06-2012 , by: Anvil Mobile , in , 0 Comments

Broadband down again? Business grade 4G mobile broadband will keep your business working.

DSL broadband is not as reliable as old style phone lines and the time to repair is not guaranteed. This means the service can be down for considerable amounts of time without contravening any service level agreements. This causes problems for businesses where vital trade and communication is carried out using the internet. Using VoIP for phone calls is commonplace today and with no phones or internet, businesses can be crippled. There are however, solutions that are readily available to solve the problem.

There are three options shown below, a temporary fix, a permanent fix with manual intervention and a permanent fix that works automatically and retains any VPN connections to other offices.

Temporary fix – a 4G router with a business grade 4G SIM card can be rented for short term requirements. The device has Wireless LAN access and a switch can be added for more Ethernet connections if required. VoIP phones can be part of the package as well as the SIMs use Three UK’s mobile coverage and VoIP traffic is not blocked over the mobile network.

Permanent fix – manual intervention. A 4G router can be supplied and kept as a back up that can be switched on to provide internet access in less than 5 minutes. A low data use tariff keeps the service active and ready to use whenever it is needed

Permanent fix – automatic and retaining VPN capabilities. An existing DSL connection can be ported to the service or a new connection can be supplied  using a 1:1 contention, business grade internet service. A DSL router with automatic fail over to 4G is supplied and the same IP address is allocated to both the DSL connection and the 4G SIM. If DSL broadband fails for any reason, the 4G connection is activated and, as there is no change in IP address, VPN connections to other offices and/or the corporate intranet will continue to work as normal.