Low Monthly SIM Rental for Fixed-IP Backup & Failover Data SIM Cards. Keeping your business running if your fixed broadband line goes down.

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Backup & Failover Data SIM Cards with a Fixed IP

Our Backup & Failover Fixed IP Data SIM cards costs less per month than a decent jar of instant coffee. Yet could keep your business running and your staff productive even when your primary broadband line goes down. Ensuring business continuity is essential when your business relies on web-based services,  potentially saving your business thousands of pounds in the event of loss of broadband.

Combining the very low monthly cost with a secure Fixed IP address on a Data SIM means that all of your internet services can remain accessible including credit card transactions, access to corporate portals, mission critical applications and customer facing services. With Anvil’s Backup SIMS, you only pay for the data used when the SIM is activated upon a fixed line outage.

Backup Data SIMS for General Internet Access

For standalone businesses that do not require a Fixed IP address on the SIM and simply need to use standard email and internet access, Anvil offers low cost Dynamic IP SIMS. This is option, similar to Fixed IP options, allows customers to pay a small monthly rental and only pay for the data used while the SIM is actively providing backup.

Back-up SIM example: This Anvil customer is a typical small business where the reliance on having internet connectivity has increased to the point that it could not function without access both to outbound internet for Cloud based services and applications and also for inbound access for their customers to place orders. Their broadband service had been dropping out occasionally and at one point it was several days before the service was restored. Anvil provided a Teltonika RUT950 4G router with an EE data SIM without the normal minimum data allowance and consequently at a very low monthly cost. So, data is only charged when the SIM is active and providing the back-up service. The Teltonika router attaches to the customer’s fixed line router using an Ethernet cable and monitors (VRRP) the fixed line connection. When broadband fails the Teltonika connects to the internet and when the fixed line comes back on line, the Teltonika drops its connection automatically.


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Need help, information, or want to order?

To order SIMs, please contact us.