Anvil’s Mega-Bundles include a 500GB per SIM option or, if you need more, a FULL 1TB of data per SIM. Really affordable bulk data SIMs with a public fixed IP address and CommsPortal management.

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Anvil’s Mega-Bundle bulk data SIMs with either 500GB or a full Terabyte (1TB) per SIM also includes a 4G router and an SDN device which can optionally be expanded in functionality to add automatic failover to 4G when a fixed line connection fails. Other benefits of the SDN device capabilities include QoS control to prioritise interactive applications such as remote desktop or VoIP services and protection against DDoS attacks over the 4G network. These two bulk data SIM options are only available on the Three UK mobile network and data use can be monitored using the Anvil CommsPortal management portal.

You can also the choose the safeguard of a opting for the hardware being covered by a managed service which includes a next day break/fix service provided by our ISP partner.