Anvil’s multi-network UK eSIMs are un-steered and can use the 3 major mobile networks in the UK (O2, Vodafone and Three UK). In addition, they will also work on multiple networks throughout the EU at the same costs. For clarification, there are two distinct technologies known as eSIMs. Anvil eSIMs are the standard SIM physical format with pop-outs for the smaller SIM sizes and are not the software driven embedded chipsets which are also known as eSIMs.

Anvil’s eSIMs also provide a high level of resilience to 4G services as, if the live network fails due to a local mast issue for example, the eSIMs can connect to the strongest remaining signal. So, if there is any signal from any of the major operators you will have a working 4G internet service.

Cisco Jasper is our SIM management portal which has recently been enhanced to provide control over the mobile operator selection using a simple drop-down menu. This allows users to control which operator is to be used which can be very useful if, for example, the network automatically selected is suffering from congestion in the local cell. Where supported by the mobile operator there is now also a geolocation feature to identify the physical location of the eSIMs.

For customers with eSIMs in multiple locations we can now aggregate the individual eSIM data allowances into a shared pool of data no matter which operator each eSIM is using as long as the eSIMs all have the same monthly data allowance. Previously, this was only possible if the SIMs were on the same network. This ability to pool the data allowances can save money for our customers as overuse on one eSIM can be mitigated by other eSIMs using less data than their monthly allowance. From an operations and logistics perspective it also makes life much easier as there is one SIM solution for every site, all monitored, managed and visible on a single SIM management portal.

One other minor change in the section below regarding private fixed IP is the to change  accessed via an IPsec VPN tunnel to accessed via a single VPN

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Fixed IP 2G/3G/4G internet connection, wherever there is any mobile signal from any major mobile operator – Vodafone, EE, O2 or Three UK

UK Roaming Data SIMs ensure your SIM connects onto the network that provides the strongest signal at the site location and provides the resilience of being able to use any available alternative mobile operators if the network initially chosen fails for any reason.

Benefits and features of Anvil’s UK Roaming Data SIM:

  • Works with all four of the major UK mobile operators. Anvil SIMs can also be used on multiple networks across the EU at the same rates as for the UK.
  • Can operate with a Fixed IP address to enable inbound internet connections for secure M2M remote management, monitoring and control
  • The Fixed IP address can also be used as an identifier enabling access to applications and resources protected behind a corporate firewall.
  • Data packages from 2GB up to 500 Gigabytes (GB) a month with a Public Fixed IP address.
  • Data packages from as low as 10 megabytes of data allowance per month with a private fixed IP address. This very high security option extends your LAN into a secure private cloud containing the SIMs. Typically the SIMs are accessed via an IPsec VPN tunnel.
  • Ideal for deploying to multiple locations where the signal coverage is unknown
  • Perfect for mobile applications and low data applications including meter readings, asset monitoring and location based reporting with dynamic IP low data UK roaming SIMs


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