Extend your corporate network to include data SIMs with a private fixed IP address accessed (typically) over an IPsec tunnel. These SIMs are therefore not visible to the public internet for added security and control.

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Fixed IP SIMs using an agreed private IP address range which are inaccessable from the public internet. Access to the SIMs is typically via an IPsec VPN tunnel allowing both the host or remote site to initiate the connection. This provides a secure solution where any public internet access allowed can be directed through the corporate Firewall and internet gateway. Further layers of security can be implemented by restricting the source and destination IP addresses allowed for connectivity in the SIM profile. Using Anvil private IP SIMs can even turn a general purpose device such as a tablet or lap top into a single purpose device by allowing internet connectivity only between the device and the relevent application server(s). This type of solution is already deployed in “Blue Light” emergency service organisations and meets the security conditions specified for the public sector.

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