Anvil’s new Flexi-Contracts enable seasonal businesses to choose the right data allowance for the months when your business is active, but reduce the monthly costs to a simple base SIM rental during the closed season. No data is charged for during the closed season, delivering substantial savings over the standard contracts where a data allowance is charged for, even when the SIM is not being used. If you need to use the SIM during the closed season, perhaps for testing a new device, or for maintenance work, the SIM can still be used at a low cost per megabyte.

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Options available

  • 4G FIXED IP address Data SIMs on the O2 network
  • 4G Standard dynamic IP Data SIMs on the EE network


  • Internet access
  • CCTV
  • Remote Management
  • Access corporate networks and resources

Use cases:

  • Caravan and holiday Parks
  • Boats and leisure craft
  • Holiday homes and cottages
  • Pop up shops and information booths
  • Motor home and caravan rental
  • National Trust properties