Anvil provides short term rental services designed to help contain the cost of a SIM trial. Which are fully inclusive of all required parts including Pre-Configured Routers and Activated SIMs. Saving you purchasing hardware or signing up for long term contracts until until pilot tests have been proved successful.

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Data SIMs for trial & pilot testing

Many of our customers are deploying our flexible business friendly Data SIMs for the first time and need to thoroughly test both the application and the SIM connectivity prior to rolling out a live data solution. Anvil have a brilliant reputation for supporting customers during their trial phases and have developed a process where the customer only pays for the data they use during testing.

Temporary Broadband

Customers also use our SIM Rental service to create temporary and reliable internet connections. Using different SIM and Router combinations, with or without a Fixed IP address on a 3G or 4G Network, Anvil can advise on the best suited combination for your temporary broadband requirements. Anvil also offer high speed, high capacity bonded 3G/4G internet, where we combine the throughput of up to 5 Data SIMs into a single high speed channel with QoS (Quality of Service) control. Ensuring you maximise your data speeds and allowance.

A common scenario is a business looking for a short term broadband solution while waiting for a fixed Line installation. This usually occurs for temporary project sites in construction and engineering. As well as for new commercial office moves. Whatever the reason, Anvil offers bespoke short term solutions for business grade broadband where and when your business needs it.





Asset Management

Building & Construction

Retail & Pop-Up Shops

Need help, information, or want to order?

To order SIMs, please contact us.