Mobile internet for M2M applications is quickly becoming a very important service for thousands of businesses worldwide. Making sure that your SIM/application is receiving the best coverage possible is key to its own success. Traditionally, M2M applications are in fixed locations, which when picking an appropriate network provider, makes the job very easy. But for mobile and multi-location assets, moving from place to place, you need to look at a reliable SIM solution that can provide the best coverage, irrespective of its geographic location.  This is where Roaming SIMs come in. Be it Fixed IP or Dynamic, Anvil can provide Roaming Data SIMs that ‘hop’ between network providers, only using the network that offers the strongest connectivity for any given location.

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Fixed IP 3G or 4G internet connection, regardless of which UK mobile operator has usable signal cover.

All mobile operators have “hot spots”, however they don’t necessarily overlap. In many locations, some operators struggle, and other operators don’t. UK Roaming Data SIMs ensure your SIM ‘hops’ onto the network that provides the best signal strength for its individual geographic location at any given time.

Benefits and features of Anvil’s UK Roaming Data SIM:

  • Works with any of the UK mobile network operator’s.
  • Can operate with a Fixed IP address to enable inbound internet connections for secure M2M remote management and monitoring.
  • Data packages of up to 3 Gigabytes (GB) a month.
  • Ideal for deploying to multiple locations where signal coverage is unknown
  • Perfect for mobile applications and low data applications including meter reading, asset monitoring and location based reporting.


Meter Reading & Asset Management

International Data SIMs

Transport & Logistics

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