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Derwent Hydro uses Anvil Fixed IP SIMs for Remote Management

Posted on 28-05-2013 , by: Anvil Mobile , in , , 0 Comments

Derwent Hydro, a provider of small hydropower solutions in the UK, is using Anvil Mobile’s Simply Connect fixed IP data services to remotely monitor, manage and troubleshoot its hydro-electric power generation installations.

With full remote access to the hydro-electric control systems, Derwent engineers do not have to make long site visits for routine maintenance or service calls and also receive automatic text message alerts if there are any problems.

Derwent Hydro has integrated the Simply Connect IP data service into its own operated hydro-electric installation at Gerlan in Wales to control two 500kW Pelton turbines on the rivers Caseg and Llafar that feed into the UK’s national electricity grid.

Another fixed IP service provides remote management of a 230kW hydro-electric generator in Longbridge run by Derby City Council to power a local office building and sell additional energy back to the grid.
Anvil’s data service uses the GPRS/3G Three mobile network for coverage, but provides a private APN (Access Point Name) and fixed IP address with a highly-secure Layer 2 connection to deliver point-to-point traffic that is never exposed to a public network.

This lessens complexity and is one less point of failure in the system, making the Anvil data SIM ideal for monitoring, remote diagnostics, polling, process control and remote surveillance, as well as the ability to upload new software and reboot applications or entire systems.

Derwent works for an increasing range of customers from individuals and estates to businesses, public sector organisations, community groups and charities including Snowdonia National Park Authority, the National Trust and the Environment Agency.

‘With hydro installations spread across the country often in remote locations, the Anvil fixed IP data service provides the most flexible, reliable and cost-effective solution for managing and maintaining our hydro plants without long site visits,’ said Simon Needle at Derwent Hydroelectric Power.

‘Remote management has improved our efficiency as we can respond immediately to technical issues and changing conditions, and it has also helped us reduce our carbon footprint by eliminating unnecessary journeys. It is simple to integrate into our control systems and HMI (human, machine interface) for new sites as well as existing hydro-plants to increase the speed and level of remote support,’ said Needle.

‘The Simply Connect Service lends itself ideally to the requirements of Derwent Hydro and with the M2M market growing at over 30% per year, according to Gartner, we are able to support a wide range of robust and flexible 3G-enabled applications from smart buildings, and lighting control to meter reading and point of sale solutions,’ said Ian Philip, CEO at Anvil Mobile.