Calf saved by Anvil's Data SIMs!

Anvil Mobile down on the farm

Posted on 18-04-2016 , by: Anvil Mobile , in , 0 Comments

During our journey, there have been many moments that have made us feel proud to do what we do. One such event happened recently. A farmer from Scotland called Mark contacted us to see if we could help during the calving season using the 3G network to connect to a video camera so that he could keep an eye on what was happening when he couldn’t be there 24 hours a day. He tried a standard SIM but couldn’t make the connection work. Someone told him he needed an SIM with a fixed IP address and so with Google’s help he found us – fixed IP SIM specialists.

Thanks to the implementation of one of our fixed IP data SIMs, a CCTV camera and a dedicated farmer, a calf and a cow were saved in the dead of the night. Adam in our customer support team had spent some extra time with Mark helping him with the setup. Adam showed him how simply entering the SIM’s IP address into the address bar in his web browser let him see the video from the CCTV camera.

At 2’o’clock in the morning, Mark was alerted to a cow in distress from the live CCTV video. He was able to get in his car, reach the cow and help deliver a new life onto the farm. Mark said that the calf and the mother would not have survived until the morning. The same thing happened again later in the week and so two calves and two breeding cows were saved which is very good news for the business as well as avoiding some real heartache.

Mark was kind enough to send us a photo of the first calf he saved with the help of our 3G fixed IP data SIM. The picture has pride of place on our notice board in the Support Office.

Mark now uses the CCTV camera around the farm to protect his valuable farm machinery.