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Fixed IP Data SIMs with a Private APN

Posted on 08-10-2012 , by: Anvil Mobile , 0 Comments

The fixed IP data SIM with a private APN is our flagship solution. There are lots of companies who provide data SIMs, but Anvil Mobile wanted to offer something different, something that would take data communication to the next level and give what we like to refer to as a business grade mobile broadband. Anvil knew that companies would want to use mobile data communications, but they would want the assurance that information that was sent would not be compromised and that the performance was as consistent as possible.

Anvil are able to provide a solution that meets those requirements. First of all we use a private Access Point Name (APN)  as this makes it more secure and also means that we don’t get the fluctuations in the performance experienced when sharing public APNs shared with consumers. Secondly we give the SIM a static IP address. This enables people or systems to connect over the 3G network to other devices or systems and can also be used to identify the SIM to provide a more secure access to the company’s internal network.  Because we provide an uncontended private internet connection, no data is sent over the public internet.

Fixed IP in use

  • Enables remote management, monitoring and maintenance of servers and control systems. Examples of remote management include building control systems, wind, gas & hydro electric generators, remote IT support  for servers – basically anything with an IP address.
  • Provide security when used with 3G surveillance cameras for taxis, buses, care homes, farms, construction sites etc. to protect people and assets.
  • Provide back up to a broadband connection so that internet, intranet and VPN services can be maintained until the broadband is fixed and working again.
  • Provide back up to high speed leased lines using bonded 3G technology.
  • Provide high speed, high capacity links with Bonded 3G. Up to six 3G USIMs can be bonded to give 6 times the bandwidth into a single pipe. Ideal for transmitting and receiving large amounts of data, video and images.
  • Using the 3G mobile broadband network means that any site installation is quick and easy as cables are no longer needed for network connection.


  • 3G USIM on Three UK, Everything Everywhere and Vodafone Networks.
  • Fixed IP address from either private or public ranges.
  • Layer 2 connectivity with Layer 2 Tunnelling Protocol (L2TP) for highly secure, low latency connections.
  • Using private APNs means that businesses don’t share the major operator’s public APNs with consumers.