Construction & Contracting

The construction industry is moving faster and faster every year. Increasingly relying on technology to simplify existing procedures and maximise on time efficiency. Making sure construction sites are fully prepared for both small and large projects is essential, and this is where Anvil’s connectivity services step in. We provide different wireless M2M services for a host of common connectivity requirements. These including the need for Rapid Deployment Site Broadband, Temporary Site Broadband, Mobile SIMS for Workers and wireless connectivity for Site Security Applications including Access Control and CCTV.

Rapid Deployment Broadband

Using Anvils Synergy Bonding Units, we can deploy rapid internet connectivity to both rural and densely populated sites in a matter of days. Bonding units allow our clients to bond multiple data streams into one powerful internet connection. And in most scenarios, a mobile transport case is used which contains all of the elements needed to create a working high speed internet connection anywhere. Bonding units can handle a throughput of up to 500mps, perfect to handle heavy internet traffic transferring large data files and operating bandwidth hungry design software. In multiple cases, Anvils Internet Bonding solutions are used to provide high-speed internet where and when it is needed.

Clients maximise their investment by re-purposing their Rapid Deployment Broadband as a Failover Backup Broadband connection to their newly fitted primary fixed broadband line. Ensuring that there is a stable broadband connection for business continuity.

Site Security

Anvils Fixed IP Data SIMS provide a very important role in providing a secure low cost wireless connectivity to CCTV Cameras and temporary Access Control Systems. Fixed IP SIMS are used to establish a safe M2M (machine to machine) connection between independent system devices and their controlling units. Removing the need for short term expensive fixed line connections and giving you a flexible and secure solution for your temporary site security. For more information on Fixed IP SIMS for Security, please visit here.





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