The majority of Digital Signage, both Interactive and Display Screens have their display data delivered over the internet via a secure Fixed Line broadband connection. But now, as the price in digital signage drops, more remote and challenging Digital Signage locations are appearing globally. This naturally leads to signage locations where a fixed broadband line just isn’t an option. This can be due to extremely high priced installation fees, inconvenient installation dates and potentially poor broadband speeds. These are just a few of the situations where end users and digital signage service providers alike need to look for an alternative solution. This is where an M2M Fixed IP SIM Card steps in.

Fixed IP SIM Cards provide secure, simple and direct wireless internet connectivity from machine to machine (M2M) at a low monthly cost from any location. Because the SIM has a Fixed IP Address, you can easily create a 2 way connection to your asset (digital sign) from your control point. With this secure wireless M2M internet connection, you are allowing yourself or your client to remotely monitor and manage Digital Signage as you would with a Fixed Line broadband connection.

Fixed IP Data SIM’s simply provides a very convenient alternative to a fixed broadband line while still upholding the security and consistency of connection. Because we have access to 75+ established National and International Network providers, we can truly provide reliable remote access to 3G/4G devices Globally.





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