General Asset Management & Remote Monitoring

The need to have stable and secure methods to remotely manage and monitor global assets has rapidly increased in the last 10 years. Leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT) and M2M connectivity to control business operations and minimise expensive site visits is now at the forefront of many industries. Industries that include Energy, Transportation, Health, Logistics, Retail, Security and Marketing all benefit from adapting to the IoT. Specific applications can range from securely processing payments with EPoS systems to monitoring the energy production of thousands of Wind Turbines.

Anvil has access to 75+ established global networks, which enable us to provide seamless connectivity to your asset wherever it may be. Controlling and monitoring high-value assets remotely has become much cheaper and safer than ever. One primary product that enables such secure wireless connectivity is the Fixed IP SIM. Anvil’s Fixed IP SIM’s are pre-configured with a Static IP Address in order to initiate two way communications for in-bound remote management and out-bound to provide simple and secure authentication via a corporate firewall or restricted service.

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