Renewable energy primarily provides energy in the key areas of electricity generation, air and water heating or cooling and solar. These then usually feed into the national grid, and rural (off-grid) energy services. The industry is increasing massively in size both nationally and internationally. One of the major requirements is to have very secure remote connectivity to monitor and control the assets on a daily (or more frequent) basis, especially due to the environments in which the expensive renewable energy assets are located.

Managing these assets remotely can save thousands of pounds on human labour costs incurred from frequent site visits. These assets of course being a mix of Solar Farms, Wind Turbines and Hydroelectric and Biomass generators. All of which can sometimes operate in harsh environments and remote locations. This makes them ideal assets to utilise wireless M2M technology using Secure Fixed IP Data SIM’s. Fixed IP Data SIM’s operate using established national and intentional network providers resulting in a huge area of mobile signal coverage. Assets can be connected to over the internet with a click of a mouse button via a secure connection. Whether you monitor energy production from a solar farm, or the CCTV footage of a camera on a solar site, a Fixed IP SIM allows you to do it all remotely. Anvil’s Fixed IP SIM’s are pre-configured with a Static IP Address in order to initiate simple and secure two-way internet connectivity – ensuring that your company data and control systems are managed in a safe and secure manner.

Fixed IP Data SIM’s simply provide a low cost convenient alternative to a fixed broadband line yet still upholding the security and consistency of a fixed broadband line. Because we have access to 75+ established National and International Network providers, we can truly provide reliable remote access globally to any connected device.





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