The majority of UK Retail Stores, mobile caterers and retail ‘pop-up shops’ now rely on modern EPoS Systems to efficiently operate on a day to day basis.  EPoS systems integrate with a large number of different parts of a business to provide the full benefits, and as these EPoS systems gradually evolve, they are slowly becoming more and more reliant on Cloud Services to store and share company data. This, in turn, requires them to constantly be connected to the internet to fully sync and stream a steady flow of critical data. In order to achieve this a secure connection to the internet is vital. This is where Fixed IP Data SIM’s are used to provide secure M2M internet connectivity for Retail EPoS systems.

Primary functions include broadband fail-over to ensure maximum up-time for in-store EPoS, Data Roaming for mobile EPoS systems and for Pop-Up Retails shops. The Fixed IP feature is essential for any EPoS system to conduct its data transactions securely. Wireless and secure connectivity can easily be achieved using a range of Anvil’s Fixed IP Data SIMs.





Fixed IP Data SIMs

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