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Products & Services

Can you set my connection up for me?

Anvil provides all of the SIM details required for setting up a connection with most routers. Anvil’s support can provide guidance on setting up and establishing a connection.

Routers sold by Anvil can be optionally configured (please contact us for more information). This can include configuration for an existing SIM or for a SIM and router purchased together as part of the same order.

Why is a fixed IP SIM important?

A standard, off the shelf SIM has a dynamic IP address that changes for each internet session and consequently making a remote connection to the device is difficult, insecure or impossible. Having a fixed IP address enables a user or device to make contact with devices housing the SIM or if the device is a router you can connect to any IP devices attached to the router. This enables remote management, diagnostics and monitoring of systems from a remote location. Examples of systems that you may want to manage remotely include servers, control systems and video cameras.

What is different about an Anvil Mobile data SIM compared to a data SIM that I can buy online or instore as a consumer?

An Anvil SIM provides a business grade of mobile broadband with added security, reliability and a more consistent performance. With an Anvil SIM no data is sent over the public internet, instead a secure tunnel (L2TP) is set up over a private internet connection. In addition, the gateway between the mobile network (Three UK, EE or Vodafone) and the internet, called an APN, is private and is not shared with the consumer population. The most important difference is that an Anvil SIM uses a fixed IP address.

Orders, Contracts & Billing

What happens if I exceed the tariff allowance for my SIM this month?

Anvil does not disconnect or cap SIMs that exceed their monthly tariff allowance, this is to ensure that business critical applications are not affected. You can continue to use your SIM over its allowance and this overuse will be charged at the rate quoted and billed in arrears. If you want us to suspend your SIM we can – just let us know during normal office hours.

I've almost exceeded my data tariff, when does it reset?

All of our tariffs reset on the 1st of each calendar month. You can continue to use your SIM over its tariff in the form of over usage – please see above. Alternatively, you can suspend your SIM temporarily to prevent overuse. For SIM suspension/unsuspension, please get in touch. This can be actioned during our normal business hours.

How soon can I get my SIM after I place an order?

Depending on the network, for the provisioning and activation of a SIM you need to allow 2-3 business days from the point of ordering, for the SIM to be fully live. If your need for connection is urgent, we will do our best to achieve this sooner for you.

Delivery is provided by Royal Mail with options for Recorded Delivery, Special Delivery (Next business day, guaranteed before 9am), Special Delivery (Next business day, guaranteed before 1pm) or Special Delivery (Saturday, guaranteed before 1pm).

Can I order a SIM but not activate it straight away?

Absolutely. If requested, we will dispatch the SIM and charge for the cost of the SIM, setup costs and postage costs as outlined when you initially place an order with us.  The contract term will start from the date of requested activation.

Once you are ready to start using the SIM, you will need to contact us by email via [email protected] to request activation. Please allow 2 – 3 business days for activation to be fully actioned after confirmation of activation request. Please note that requests for activation made outside of our regular business hours (Monday to Thursday, 9am to 5:30pm and Fridays, 9am to 5pm) will be acknowledged but not actioned until the next working day.

Can I see usage statistics for my fixed IP SIM?

This depends on the SIM(s) you have from us. In the main, yes, customers are able to sign up for access to online usage monitoring. Please contact us for more information.

Networks, Coverage & Tariffs

What network operator should I use?

3G & 4G coverage is increasing throughout the UK rapidly – although there are some locations where 3G or 4G is not available or of low signal. We advise you to confirm the location of where the device will be stationed and provide us with a postcode of that site (or OS Grid references) for us to check on availability. We will advise on which operator provides the best coverage. Some locations may benefit from the use of an external antenna to enhance the signal strength.

What can I do to improve my signal?

Whilst signal strength is dependent on mast locations in relation to the proximity of the router, an external antenna can be added to improve the signal quality. This is especially important when a router is used within an enclosure that is metal or where a building has thick walls or supports that may impede the signal.

My connection is not working, what can I do?

You can contact Anvil Support on 01799 218033 or email [email protected]

Hardware & Equipment

Can Anvil supply routers?

Yes, Anvil supplies 3G and 4G routers and antennas.

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What router should I use?

Anvil’s SIMs should work perfectly with the vast majority of 3G and 4G routers that are available on the market.

Anvil recommends the Draytek 2860LN for general purpose use, CradlePoint routers for in vehicle solutions and for large scale deployments and Conel LR77 routers for dual SIM options.

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