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What are data SIMs all about?

Posted on 03-10-2012 , by: Anvil Mobile , in , 0 Comments

More and more people are using data SIMs for all sorts of connectivity…

…from simple things like being able to surf the web, to more complex things like remote management and mobile video broadcast. But are all data SIM’s the same? We’ll give you a brief rundown on what is available from Anvil Mobile  and in the coming weeks go into more detail on which S|IM is best for specific applications.

Anvil Mobile has multiple data SIM options. The reason for this is because different applications have different requirements, so a one size fits all approach just won’t work.

Fixed IP with private APN

We refer to this as our business grade mobile broadband connection. No data goes through the public mobile APNs; this means better security, performance and reliability. This type of SIM is used where a fixed IP address can be used to remotely access a connected device, for example, a control system or CCTV camera.

Standard data SIM

Dynamic IP – This is a standard data SIM great for lots of applications with a choice of data packages.

Low usage- If you need a connection which is only sending a very small amount of data e.g. 10-50 meg per month.


If you need a high capacity mobile connection then look no further than our bonded solution. This bonds either 3 or 6 SIMs at once which makes it a great solution for mobile video broadcast or for locations where the user population is too large for a single SIM device.