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What is a Static IP SIM?

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A static IP SIM is a SIM card that is a cellular data SIM (usually 3G, 4G or 5G) with an IP address that is fixed or static to a single address.  Differing from a typical consumer SIM that uses roaming IPs, once fixed the SIM card will not change IP address, no matter where or how it is used.

A static-IP address can either be public, private or dynamic IP addresses depending on the specific use cases for the SIM. These SIMs can transfer very small or large amounts of data and code between devices and can be remotely managed and controlled.

Applications of SIMs with Static IP

A Static IP SIM is a SIM card that is a cellular data SIM (usually on 4G or 5G LTE networks) with a public IP that is fixed or static to a single address.

When used in a device, the device can be controlled remotely as the connected SIM will always point to the fixed address and can thus be more easily controlled.

Fixed-IP SIM cards are what Anvil specialise in, and due to the sometimes niche nature of their use we’ve developed a team of experts that can help you navigate the world of static or (fixed) IP.

Below are some examples of applications and benefits for use with a Static IP SIM

Control your devices remotely

Fixed-IP SIM cards can be used to remotely control device and machines through the user friendly and simple to use connectivity control platform that comes as standard with our Fixed IP SIMs. You can access each SIM through the fixed IP address and send instructions, turn data on and off, monitor usage or be notified of any issues immediately with your devices.

We see this becoming a very desirable application in industries that require 24 hour monitoring, for example in the security and surveillance industry where Fixed IP SIMs are fast becoming the industry standard for CCTV connectivity.

Diagnose issues remotely

Because your Fixed IP SIM cards always point to the same IP address within a device, this can be extremely helpful to diagnose any issues with a device remotely. The SIM card can send packets of data about the health, status and use of your devices and machinery.

We have a great example of this is with one of our clients in the renewable energy industry. The locations of the machinery are mostly in difficult and hard-to-reach places, allowing their engineers to access and diagnose any issues before someone on site to make any repairs or upgrades.

Benefits of Fixed-IP SIM cards

To date Anvil has helped thousands of customers embrace the benefits of Fixed IP SIMs. We’ve listed a few below.

Faster mobilisation

SIMs with a fixed static IP allow your business to move more quickly when faced with challenges and issues. The remote control and diagnosis capability means that you are working within a real time data environment to help speed up decision making, saving you valuable time and improving customer experience.

Cost benefits

Not only are Fixed-IP Sim cards typically on better tariffs for business use and on better value contracts, there are wider cost saving benefits to be considered also. Using a SIM with a fixed static IP saves you thousands in man hours, engineering, on-site controllers and often means that you are able to realise intangible cost-saving benefits when you move to a Fixed-IP Address.

Never lose connection

At Anvil, we provide multi-network Fixed-IP SIMs, which means that the SIM cards can connect to any network that is displaying the strongest signal, seamlessly switching without losing any connectivity. A critical business operation benefits from over 99.99% uptime as the additional resilience in your connectivity means that you can limit any issues almost immediately secure in the knowledge that your devices will always be connected.

Enhanced security

At Anvil, we are also able to provide VPNs tunnelling and additional cyber-secure capabilities for each Fixed-IP SIM we supply. Fixed IP SIMs are already more secure than a typical consumer SIM, however they also benefit from additional security features through default, providing you with the peace of mind that not only are your data and connections able to be monitored and managed, they are also cyber-secure.

If you would like a quote for our multi-network fixed-IP SIM cards, then give our in-house team a call. They’ll be able to discuss your requirements and understand how we can help your businesses, with fast despatch and a technical support team on hand to support if needed.

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